Humble Beginnings

Hi, I’m Michael.

I am a story teller. My dream is to share my stories with the world, preferably in a way people can connect with and enjoy them. Words are powerful. Everyone wields them, to harm or build, encourage or destroy. When you speak you have an impact on the world and those listening are affected, one way or another.

I love to write stories, you can create people with words, armies, dragons, and even worlds. Your only limitations are your own imagination and what you can spur your readers imagination to envision. That is where it gets tricky, bringing your ideas to another person. No two people see anything exactly the same. No matter how similar, there are always the smallest differences. How do you share a world, characters, and their story with someone? How do you make it come to life so it isn’t just words on a page? How do you defy reality, space, and time and transport your reader to another world?

This is my dream. There is a lot involved in publishing, and many challenges I have yet to overcome. My passion is with telling stories, and imagining the improbable. I have several works in progress, two in need of editing, and ideas for so many more. Editing is an art, one based completely in reality, you can’t imagine typos away. Really, I have tried. It’s a good way to waste time. You spend the next ten minutes reading the same line over and over, and still missing the mistakes right there in front of you. My mom calls it creative reading.

Marketing is another of the challenges ahead. It involves connecting with people in another way. A very deep and personal way, that most people are hesitant to connect in. How do you get someone to throw their hard earned money at you? ‘Hello, I’m a writer-‘ ‘No! No, not like the other millions of writers out there!’ Yeah… like they are going to just take your word for it…. right, ‘Buy my book!’ Sigh… this is actually better than I see marketing going. Baby steps…

So, in the near future, knock on wood, when those foul challenges have thus been vanquished, and with the Lord’s blessing, I hope to have a few books published. Please hold the applause till they are actually published. No sense spoiling the party. A few of the working titles to look for in the future, which I don’t foresee the titles changing, are Abandoned, and Lost. A sequal to Abandoned is in the works. However, its on the back burner for the moment as I work on the fantasy side of things with a couple different ‘exciting’ projects there.

I look forward to connecting with you in the future! Till then, thanks for reading.


If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting the rest of our lives

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