New Heights


Wow! So I have been slaving away… I mean writing vigorously and courageously (many other ‘ly’ words could go here, like loveingly, passionately… exc.) on a novel! Oh yes, adverbs are a taboo in stories, but here they are great for just being overly showy and dramatic. You see though my evil plans… sigh. But I digress, the novel. Right.

I’m not sure what to call it yet, which is odd because I usually just go with my working title, but Elephant Princess story, or simply Vera just aren’t going to cut it. In short the story started out as a funny idea I had with a friend. Its morphed and grew into a story that I am quite honestly really enjoying working on. The single idea of a princess who loves elephants (running an playing with them in a properly dramatic fairy tail/whimsical-carefree way) grew into something that is actually worth telling as a story. With a body, arc, story, and characters. *Sigh of blissful contentment*, yeah, I know what your thinking… where can you go with that?

Well not to spoil the whole story, I’ll just brush a few things you can expect to see. If that is, this novel ever does see the light of day. Hoping very much it does! First there are dragons… or well, actually no. There aren’t. Elephants, that is the word I was looking for, and they don’t breath fire… or fly… or even talk, but they are pretty awesome!

There is the typical fantasy setting with all the cool things, well not the dragons, but other things… but there isn’t any magic. Or mythical creatures. Actually there aren’t even any elves or dwarfs. Okay, I’m stalling now, the long and short of it is, there is no fantasy elements at all. It could, for all we know, have been happened a long time ago in a land far far away. The setting is in the medieval era, but at least it feels like a fantasy story.

It does have a beautiful princess who end up in deadly peril; who is broken, rises again, serves ordinary folk, embarks on a quest filled with dangerous trials, shadowy plots, and is tested through the fires of life. The kingdoms hang in the balance threatened by the destruction of war, greed, and death. Dun dun Da!

With all that to full my creative energy combined with my love for the character  to drive my passion for writing, I was totally shocked at the pace I set turning ideas into words. I wrote 30,000 words in just seven days! This is a personal best for me and I am thrilled at just how bless I have been with ideas and time to focus on writing.

I’m closing in on the conclusion of this work in progress (WIP) and have a good idea how I’m wanting to wrap it up, so I will sign off here for now. Until next time,

~Michael Gnizak


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