About Me


First thing you should know is I am always completely serious. About everything. All the time… right… no. I like witty, it adds a little spice to life and writing in general. Movie quotes, yeah. Those are just great. I tend to avoid them in my stories though, I come up with my own witty lines and memorable moments. Or try to.

In all seriousness, honesty is one of the highest qualities I value. There is a time and a place for the jokes, silly humor, and clever words, but honesty is essential. Every facet of life comes into play with honesty. It only takes one time lying to destroy trust. You can spend years building a relationship and in a moment tear it apart. Those can be put together again, not all are Humpty Dumpty, but it takes a long time.

I am an introvert. Have no fear, I’m not quite so introverted that at all times chocolate must be thrown from a safe distance, but I won’t stop you it you do. I enjoy spending time with friends, and often miss hanging out with people. Even when I’m feeling introverted and decide to stay home, I usually feel like I should have gone later. What can I say, I just have awesome friends.

Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee are the two sports I play most. I am usually up for either so long as its not snowing or raining, but hey every now and then that can make for an exciting change. Contra dancing is another social thing I enjoy. If you have ever seen Pride and Prejudice, there is only one worth watching (if you don’t know which one that is, then don’t shatter my blissful ignorance to your poor dilemma), then you have seen Contra dancing.

I have been many places and hope to see many more. I love traveling, but I get burnt out after a while and have to recharge. I have seen every state east of Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas. I flew to Hawaii and have stop overs in Denver and Los Angeles, but I don’t really count those two. I have been to Canada, as far up as P.E.I., Nova Scotia, Newfoundland area. In Europe I’ve been to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic,  Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary. I think I got all those right, I saw seven countries in fourteen days.

There are still a lot of places I would like to see, such as South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, more of Europe, and maybe parts of Asia. Not sure I ever want to go to say, North Korea, but things change. I think a lot of the culture in China could be interesting for idea, and well if you haven’t figured it out yet, I pretty much just said I’d like to see everything. Probably won’t happen, but hey if you send me money and/or tickets I won’t complain.

I am a Christian and strive to reflect Christ. I know how to play guitar, poorly. My rhythm is pretty bad. I am dieting currently to see if that helps with some medical issues I have. We will see how that turns out. There is a lot more, but I’m going to be honest, my eyes are blurring, its going on 4am., and my mind decided this would be the perfect time to think up a title for the princess story I am working on.

Leave a comment bellow and share where you have been, or introduce yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!


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