The Ever Late Update!

Hello again, remember me? I’m Michael.

It’s been forever since I’ve posted. I wish I could say it’s cause I’ve been so busy publishing best sellers or at least making a living off my writing… alas, it’s not so. Lost, which is still supposed to be my debunk novel, is currently languishing in editing land. A lonely land of obscurity. I regret to say I have been ill inclined to venture there.

I put Lost through a round of professional edits. That was over a year ago. Since then I have gone through it twice making changes, edits, revision, etc. Mid-summer I realized one of my lead characters entire story needs redone. The character, the ‘main’ character, does almost nothing note worthy the entire story. He is more like a glue that pulls all the pieces together… and while it works, decently, I think it will be better to fix his story so it will stand on it’s own.

As you’ve surmised by this point, I haven’t been faithfully working on that. Still a bit stumped, and well editing and I are arch-enemies. Well, that might be a bit over the top, lets just say we don’t get along very well.

In the mean time, as sort of a treat/intensive program I was trying, I started a new story. Edit some, then write on New Story. That worked well. For like three days. At which point I started working only on the fun project! Of course. Surprise, surprise. On a bright note though, the first draft for that is sitting at about 40,000 words. Hold the applause. Seriously, I started that one in February this year, so quite frankly, it should be in revision by this point.

My motivation for writing has waned of late. Over the summer I struggled through multiple rounds of flare ups from the ulcerative colitis condition I have. Was in the hospital with that on top of some staph infections which was soon followed by another infection, C-diff. Still working through the last, I hope, of the flare ups for the year. (My optimism is showing…. it comes it small bursts from time to time. Savor it.)

This New Story I mentioned, right. You can stop dolling. I’ll feed you the details in a moment. First, it has a WIP title, yeah I could have used that earlier. This adds suspense. Or would if there was some epic or dramatic music playing. (KEY THE MUSIC!)

Loose Ends is a fantasy story. We have assassins, nefarious plots, princess’s, nobles, religious orders with priests and knights, and even a touch of magic. How does that all fit together you ask? Well, it’s a fantasy story, so really your question should be: WHERE ARE THE DRAGONS?!

Dragons. Dragons are great. I’ve considered putting dragons in here somewhere, the jury is still out on that. If I find a place for them, rest assured there will be dragons! Sometimes dragons aren’t always needed to tell a good story. Yes, I said that out loud. Or… typed it.

Moving on. Loose Ends follows an assassin who is on the run. After eliminating a target he soon finds himself the hunted. His flight to safety and answers brings him squarely into contact with the the main character, the Knight of the Order of the Maker. Having just finished her training and needing to prove herself in the real world, the knight is sent on a simple mission to escort a priest from one city to another.

Boring milk run to earn her knighthood, right? Wrong. Come on, you knew that was coming! Between the external conflict you know is coming, the dynamics between the worldly assassin and the sheltered ‘black and while’ world view of the knight, and the plots brewing in the back ground—it’s shaping up to be an amazing tale. Oh! Did I mention assassins? I did, didn’t I. Assassin hunting assassins. Yes please!

The duo’s clashing world views adds a great internal conflict to balance out the ringing steel and deadly arrows flying about. It ties in perfectly with the redemption theme for my assassin and the growth and maturing of my knight’s character as she struggles to hold on to her idealism as her expectations and reality meet.

Her actions speak louder than words. She lives out her beliefs, amidst all the hypocrisy of corruption going on in the world, this testimony feeds the spark of change in the assassin while his world view paints a spotlight on the corruption within the order she serves and causes a lot of growth and challenges for her to overcome.

Ideally this will all tie off and conclude in an epic fashion with the instigator being revealed, and we’ll get to see just how much our assassin has changed.

Well, that’s it for this time! Stay tuned, its possible another post will appear in the future. How mysterious!



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